Dunkel Designs Christmas Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are my photos/prints returned?
Yes, I will return your photos with your Christmas Card order.

2. Do you cut or damage my photos?
No, your photos are not damaged or altered in any way. If you send prints, I scan in the prints to build your collage. Any photo editiing (at an extra charge) is done on the electronic photo, not your original photo.

3. Can I see my collage before you print it?
Yes, I will email you a proof before the cards are printed. The cards WILL NOT be printed until I have an email confirmation from you that everything is okay, including all spelling, location and cropping of pictures, etc. If you find mistakes or don't like something after the cards are printed, you are responsible for paying to reprint them.

4. Are the cards printed on a photo printer?
No. The cards are professionally printed. Depending on the style of the card you choose, they will be printed by a professional printer or a professional photography lab.

5. Can you use a photo that a professional photographer took?
No, not if the photo is has a copyright on the front or the back of the image. It is illegal to scan or incorporate such a photo in a collage and have it printed. Only if you have a written copyright release from that photographer can I use a copyrighted photograph.

6. My pictures are digital. Do I email them or print them out and mail them to you?
Please email your digital photos directly to me. email: jd.aggie95(at)yahoo.com (just substitute the "at" symbol as in any email address. I don't put the exact email address to discourage spam.) If your photos are not digital, just put them in the mail.

7. I'm ready to send you my pictures. Do I just put them in the mail and wait for you to contact me?
If you're sending prints, please either call me or email me so that I will be expecting your order. I don't check my mailbox every day, and I would hate for your pictures to sit there because I didn't know they were coming. If your photos are digital, just email everything to me.

8. What information do you need from me?
Let me know what kind of design you would like. For any collage, I need the message you would like included and how you want the names on the card. Include your address, email address and phone numbers where I can reach you, and how many cards you want printed.

9. Can I get you to design the collage and just send out email Christmas Cards?
Not really. Your proof will have the words "Dunkel Designs Proof" super imposed over the top of your card. If you wish to have a proof or email Christmas Card without the "Proof" across the top, there is an extra $25 charge.

10. How do I pay for the cards?
I accept credit cards, debit cards & e-checks through Pay Pal. I also take money orders, and will take checks as long as you allow time for them to clear your bank before the cards are mailed. And of course, cash is always great!

11. What do the cards cost?
There is a $35 design fee plus the price of printing the cards. Printing prices differ depending on the type of card you choose. Envelopes are included.

12. Can I send you several pictures and let you pick which ones would be the best?
Please, no. Your cards are about your family. And only you know them best! Before sending your order, please finalize your decision on which photos you would like on your card.