Testimonials for Dunkel Designs Christmas Cards

I started making these cards for my family in 1998 when I couldn't get a great picture of my young daughters together. One was always smiling, while the other was looking the other way! That first year, I had rave reviews from friends who received my own personal card.

The next year, I was making them for friends, and soon, my custom Christmas cards were going all over the nation! Each card is custom created just for you. I don't use any templates or premade cards.

Here's what several customers have said after receiving their cards:


Jill, I just came in to check my e-mails before leaving town.
The cards are perfect, as usual. I love the background and it all
looks great! Thanks so much!
~~ Sharla from Lemesa, Texas (customer for 5+ years)

We have them and they are great!!!!!
Thanks so very much.
~~ Marcy from Nashville, TN (new customer in 2008)

I received my cards today and am very
pleased with them. They are so pretty.
~~ Betty from Texas (customer for 3+ years)

I LOVE IT!! You make this process so easy!!
~~ Hope from Texas (customer for 4+ years)

Jill – I think its PERFECT!
Thank you for a great card again this year!!!
I actually teared up when I saw it b/c although
I’ve seen all the pictures and looked through
all of them to send the chosen ones to you,
it still really warmed my heart to see such great
memories all together on a beautiful card!
~~ Leanna from Texas (new customer in 2007)

Hi ! I just want you to know the cards
arrived safe and sound and they are wonderful !
Thank you for all of your help! The cards captured
the essence of our family ! MERRY CHRISTMAS !
Kathi from Arizona (customer for 2 years)

Oh, it looks fabulous!! I knew you'd make it shine!
~~ Brenda from New Mexico (customer for 5+ years)

The cards arrived safe and sound !!!!!!!!!!!!
They are beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rejoice ! It's ALMOST Christmas !!!!!!!